Indoor Marijuana Growing

Deciding to grow marijuana indoor is not something to consider lightly. Growing marijuana indoors is a time consuming, but very rewarding hobby with plenty of perils. It's possible you could go to jail for growing even one marijuana plant. However, a properly planned indoor marijuana grow will supply you with the best marijuana strain you will ever inhale.

By growing your own marijuana indoors you will discover how amazing marijuana tastes. Discover different marijuana strains. Nothing beats a personal supply of properly grown, harvested and dried cannabis. Hence the reason so many marijuana growers are prepared to do jail time for growing their own personal cannabis supply.

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Setting up a small marijuana grow room in your home is easy and affordable. Cheaper than most serious stoners pay on their monthly supply of weed. It's best to start with a small indoor marijuana grow room with only 10 marijuana seeds. This way you can learn how to grow great marijuana without investing a small fortune in start up costs.

Many novice marijuana growers make the mistake of setting up large indoor marijuana grow rooms with visions of growing pounds of pot. Not knowing how to grow marijuana, these new cannabis growers will fail in producing any marijuana. Learn the basics to growing great marijuana indoors then expand your indoor marijuana grow room.

Many first time marijuana growers will clean out a small closet or purchase a standalone closet to begin learning how to grow marijuana. These small spaces often fit three to six marijuana plants. Making them ideal indoor marijuana grow rooms.

Another option is to build a self contained marijuana grow box.

Some marijuana growers will opt to purchase a marijuana grow box, a self contained unit, that has everything a cannabis grower needs to begin. Investing in a marijuana grow box is smart, but only after you've learned how to grow marijuana. Master the basics of growing the best marijuana and then add to your indoor marijuana grow room setup.

Locate your indoor marijuana grow room in spot where few if anyone will see it. Many indoor marijuana growers locate their marijuana plants in their basement. The less people who know about your marijuana plants the better. Don't tell anyone you are growing marijuana. If you do tell someone ask them to help you in exchange for some of the marijuana harvest.

Basics of growing the best marijuana indoor.

Temperature - It's very important the temperature of your indoor marijuana grow is consistent. Indoor marijuana grows best when the temperature is between 74F - 82F when the lights are on. Lights discharge plenty of heat. Keeping an indoor marijuana grow room cool is one of the biggest challenges the novice marijuana grower has.

Venting - Proper venting will keep a marijuana grow room cool. However, venting a grow room requires planning as the marijuana smell may attract unwanted attention. Cool air from outside the room needs to be brought in and hot marijuana smell air needs to be expelled outside the indoor grow room. Ideally an air cooled hood covers the high intensity discharge bulb. Circulating cool air directly over the hot light. Keep all ballasts outside the indoor marijuana grow room as ballasts also give off plenty of heat. In a small indoor marijuana grow room use a computer CPU fan to keep the lights cool. A second CPU fan circulating air over the marijuana plants is also a good idea.

Reflective Material - Lining the marijuana grow room with white plastic not only makes the the room easier to clean but also increases the light. Marijuana plants require plenty of light by adding reflective material (even tin foil or white paint will do) to an indoor grow room is required. Using reflective material to also keep out light from outside the indoor marijuana grow room during the lights out phase is also a good plan. The grow room must not leak light.

Lighting - Deciding on what light to use is probably the most important decision an indoor marijuana grower will make. Do not purchase cheap screw in grow lights as these are ineffective. An indoor marijuana grow room requires high intensity discharge bulbs to be effective. More light dedicated to marijuana plants the better the yield.

Metal Halide - MH Metal halide bulbs produce an abundance of light in the blue spectrum. This color of light promotes plant growth and is excellent for green leafy growth and keeping plants compact. It is the best type of light to be used as a primary light source for the vegetative growth phase.

For the flowering phase the indoor marijuana grower will have to switch from metal halide to a High Pressure Sodium bulb. These lights are excellent at producing pounds of pot.

High Pressure Sodium - HPS High pressure sodium bulbs emit an orange-red glow. This band of light triggers hormones in plants to increase flowering/budding in plants.

HID Light Output Primary Growing Area Supplemental Growing Area
100 watts 2' x 2' 3' x 3'
250 watts 3' x 3' 4' x 4'
400 watts 4' x 4' 6' x 6'
600 watts 6' x 6' 8' x 8'
1000 watts 8' x 8' 12' x 12'

The Cost to Run a Lighting System To get the operating cost per hour for a light, take the lights combined wattage, and divide it by 1000 to get the kilowatts used. Then multiply that number by the amount your electric company charges per kilowatt hour. HID lights will use the number of watts it emits per hour, ie; 600w system will use 600 watts per hour (regardless of spectrum).

"(light wattage output / 1000)" x "electricity cost per kilowatt hour" = "Operating cost per hour"

"operating cost per hour" x "hours used per month" = "Operating cost per month"

*Install your lights about 12 - 20 inches above the top of your marijuana plants. A good gauge of distance is to place your hand on over the top of the marijuana plant and feel the warmth. If your hand is comfortable with the light blazing away then your marijuana plant should be fine too.

Marijuana Seeds - Purchase the best marijuana seeds and you won't be disappointed with your marijuana plants. Do not use cannabis seeds found with marijuana buds. Instead purchase marijuana seeds online from a reputable cannabis seed bank. For small marijuana grow rooms purchase a compact heavy yielding indica marijuana strain. Many marijuana seed banks offer free seeds with every purchase. Use these free seeds to practice germination. Purchase feminized marijuana seed to avoid the disappointment of spending a great deal of time with marijuana plants that then become male.

Vegetative Phase - Marijuana plants can grow on an 18 hours lights on and six hours light off. Marijuana plants grown indoors from cannabis seed require several weeks of vegetative growth before the lights are setback to 12 hours on and 12 hours off for the flowering phase.

Flowering Phase - When the marijuana plants reach a healthy structure capable of holding marijuana buds (about 14 - 21 days in growth) the light cycle is thrown into marijuana flowering (12 hrs on / 12 hrs off). Once marijuana plants enter the flowering phase it'll take several more months before the plants are ready for harvesting. Only auto-flowering marijuana plants won't require the light schedule being switched to 12 hours on / 12 hours off.

Sexing Marijuana Plants - If you purchase feminized marijuana seeds you won't have to worry about male marijuana plants. Refer to our photo gallery on how to identify male marijuana plants. Within a few days of marijuana flowering plants will begin to show their sex. Male marijuana plants have little sacks of pollen. Examine between the stem and the leaf for either white hairs or balls. Remove all plants that have balls.

Soil - Growing marijuana indoor in soil is the simplest method of growing cannabis. Soil is more forgiving than hydroponic marijuana growing. Purchasing soil from a garden center is ideal. Find soil that is rich in nutrients. Soil ideal for tomato plants will also be best soil for cannabis plants. Marijuana loves to grow in rich nitrogen soil, so find a soil will plenty of N. Organic soil is also a popular choice amongst marijuana growers.

Marijuana Fertilizer - Use only the best fertilizer to achieve the best marijuana. Marijuana plants require two different feeding formulas for their vegetative and flowering phase. During the vegetative phase marijuana plants require plenty of fertilizer to grow healthy. There are many marijuana fertilizers to choose from. Learning to use the fertilizer is important to ensure the marijuana plants don't become under or over fed.

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